Saturday, June 1, 2013

Auckland Cafe series


  1. Eric, you've done a full Auckland cafe circuit by the looks! The Te Tuhi cafe looks interesting.

  2. Eric a pleasing series. Interesting combo of sepia colour and pen, seems to suit the café scene. The real question is, were those full cups no longer hot at the end, or did you draw them first :-)

  3. Thanks guys.
    Those cafes were all over Auckland - central, east, west, north and south. Good to go for a tour of the region. Thanks to Murray for putting me onto these PITT pens, and it was a good challenge to limit the palette.
    At the time, the Te Tuhi Gallery café had that awesome installation to draw.
    By the last café I learnt how to align the hot coffee with the sketching!

  4. A series always seems stronger than an individual sketch and these sketches prove that! Well done Eric