Thursday, August 15, 2013

Art Deco Napier

Murray's Napier outing reminded me of our trip there:

A 1938 Packard parked next to girls in 1920s garb

Art Deco tour with various patterns depicting themes, all part of the post earthquake reconstruction.

Marine Parade, the same roundy building Murray, did so well
An intriguing night spent at the Ormandville Railway Station - we slept in the parcel room.  We stoked up a good fire during the evening.  Passing trains with 5 minutes worth of rolling stock including logs - woke us in the night.  The whole station shook.  Worth staying.
The Preservation Society were keen to use the sketch for fundraising mugs.


  1. Nice sketches Scott, love the deco details and patterns. There's so much neat stuff to draw in Napier you could draw for years. Did you check out the revamped Masonic next to the T&G building - pretty slick - felt like I was in Melbourne for a moment. Sleeping in the Ormondville Station sounds a bit like torture though!

  2. Thanks Murray, yes indeed Napier is worthy of sketching visits - no I'll have to check out the Masonic next time. One Night in Ormandville, should be on everyone's bucket list!