Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yummy Bakery

I still remember that I had my wee little culture shock when I first walked into the "Bakery" in New Zealand. I expected "Bakery" sells lots of kinds of breads just like this sketch. Because it is how "Bakery" means in Japan. Couldn't find lots of breads, but could find yummy pies, slices and donuts (with cream of course). It became my Sunday treat at little mall in Hamilton and it became what "Bakery"means for me in New Zealand. Then I moved to Auckland, found this shop called "Pandoro", they said they sell Italian bread. It remind me of what "Bakery" means in Japan again. Of course I love "Bakery" in NZ...can not live without it now days. At the same time I can not live without this kind of "Bakery" either!

This was my Sunday treat in Auckland. Waiting for my coffee with Croissant. ? Is this Italian?


  1. Great sketch Maki! Pandoro was quite exciting when it first opened, but there is a much better choice these days.

    1. Murray. Yes, but that was only one choice when I first come to NZ.

  2. Its lovely, I can hear the sounds and smell the bread.