Sunday, October 6, 2013


Since my return to Germany in August (after living in NZ for 18 months) I have sorted
through some older works of mine. I've discovered some sketches I did while studying
for one semester in the beautiful Hungarian capital Budapest in 2009.
Back then I was living in the district of 'Terézváros', which means 'Town of Theresa'
in Hungarian, actually referring to a former 18th century Empress, but funnily enough
my own name, too. I was utterly impressed and taken with the mood of the place,
where every building seemed to whisper with the voices of people long gone, where
the beauty and detail of the derelict facades made me eager to just draw it all, draw it
all, draw it all.
The atmospherical richness in the urban scape was something I had a hard time
finding in New Zealand...why's that? Opposed to this I've hardly ever been to a more
impressive landscape that seems to tell its own story of millions of years of isolation...
it's quite fascinating for me to see how my drawings alter according to the places I live in.

My flat in 
Izabella Utca 75.

The door to my house. 
Cipész means cobbler.

My former room, one 
door leading straight to 
the bathroom, the other 
one to my flatmate. It was 
furbished with a mix of 
abandoned furniture found 
on the street and 
household clearances.

The bathroom, the window 
facing a tiny inner court.

The hallway leading to 
the kitchen.


  1. Theresa, intriguing approach to providing some detail yet stopping - still providing the overall effect without being too busy. That is a handsome cobblers door. Also like the clarity of view depicting small spaces.

    1. hi scott, thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it! will post more of my older works :)

  2. Really nice work, like it a lot.