Saturday, October 19, 2013

Vintage or Classic?

Today Inglewood celebrated the100th centenary of its band rotunda - complete with brass band, mayoral speeches, period costumes and vintage cars...

I never knew till today but vintage means built between 1919 - 1930 whereas classic is roughly 30 - 49 years old so 1964 - 1983.

Inglewood is a small dairying town inland from New Plymouth. The rotunda being next to the largest rhododendron in the Southern Hemisphere.  That should bolster your next Trivial Pursuits evening.

1929 Chrysler and its proud bowler hatted/ mink stoled owners and restorers

 Buick - a pre-classic


  1. Awesome cars Scott, looks like a fun day in Inglewood. Thank you for the Trivial Pursuit facts too!

  2. Nice drawing Scott or should I call you mystery man.

  3. Thanks guys, the Chrysler owners were keen enough to want original, so are kindly donating to the Chch earthquake fund, Something out of the public eye these days but still needing support.

    I'm thinking the cars between vintage and classic don't have such catchy titles so miss out a bit.

    As for mystery Mario... - I'm not quite Banksy, I don't own a hoodie.