Friday, November 8, 2013

Chocks Away

They hospitably placed the Agusta Westland A109E out on the tarmac for us.  We sketched hurriedly in case it took off on a mission, supposedly likely on such a sunny outdoorsy day.

Controversially it is a relatively new chopper for the region, the old one being grounded because it was single engined.  Now two Pratt and Whitneys crack this one along at 250kph

Crew kit - ready to jump into

Last week my sketch and its handsome subject - a 1925 'bull nosed' Morris Cowley made page 5 of the local paper - Taranaki Daily News.   The droll headline reading 'Morrie's major milestone draws a crowd'!

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  1. Super high tech to old school classic in one single post! Congratulations on making the paper with the Cowley too.