Friday, November 1, 2013

Wind in the willows

Today was sunny, but breezy as we sketched the re-appearing elephants.  Crafted by English artist Steve Manning with willow over steel, these life size structures are popping up in gardens throughout the 10 day Taranaki Garden Specular.
Kids sat in the crook of the big guys trunk and rode the calf.  Seemingly a real calf is born at 100kg, and with the steel maybe that is what this one weighted.  I wonder if it had a 2 year gestation period too?

Dabbling with water colour

Trying larger washes with my Tombows, it is a stretch for them

It was getting close to the after match function (coffee time) so some quick squiggles
This was but one of many my mum (Patricia) drew.  She kept giving away her drawings to the little kids peering over her shoulder

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  1. Amazing sketches Scoot.
    Good to see family involved in the blog.