Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pohutukawa season

Flowering Pohutukawa have started appearing in my sketches, a sure sign that summer must be here! These top two are from the Big Draw sketch meet in Devonport on Saturday. The top one drawn looking up Devonport's main drag past the Esplanade Hotel with the harbour at my back. That's Eric sketching on the right...   

Below is the old green keepers cottage at Victoria Park. It's had a bit of a make-over recently and is now the apply named Green Keeper Cafe. Surrounded by Pohutukawa and Puka you hardly notice the traffic or that it's being monstered from behind by the Vodafone building over the road. They do a pretty nice Tempera Prawn Po-boy too!


  1. Always great work Murray.
    And thanks for taking 10kgs off me!

  2. No worries Eric! Looking forward to seeing some of fresh posts from yourself?