Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pataua Camping

I know what you're thinking - camping in Northland's tiny Pataua South is hardly urban sketching material is it – well, the 'urban' part anyway. I reckon it's ok on account of sharing the campground with hundreds other campers.

This is the view from our campsite - from right at the back of the ground with stunning views over the estuary, the rock (an eroding volcanic cone I reckon) and the Pacific towards Ngunguru and Tutukaka. In the foreground you can see the flying fox which helped keep the kids occupied and the friendly Pukekos that kept me company. Does anyone know what's up with Pukekos legs? I seem to have drawn them as if they bend both ways. They got me pretty confused anyway.

The footbridge connecting south and north Pataua (a road doesn't actually really do it) was a great source of entertainment, bombing off it and helping the kids catch fish off it (that's right, they actually caught some fish!). Finally the view behind our camp below - a neat old tree house, more Pukekos and a Land Rover complete with friends surf ski and paddle boards on the racks. Pataua is a new destination to me but I recommend it if you're looking to get away from the usual built up beach destinations. 


  1. really beautiful. I love the pukeko in the front!

  2. Thanks Theresa. He does have floppy legs though!