Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Land of Oz

The grass is not always greener...  especially in 40+ C heat. However the 'Lucky Country' is always enjoyable to visit.

The you know what

An eastern grey and one of those guys who can hold his breath under water for 5 min
The one on the 5c coin, which they still have.  We visited the Royal Mint where you can spend three dollars and make one dollar yourself - perhaps our worst investment - but still fun.

We spotted a few koalas on Raymond Island, usually sleeping in the crook of a branch.
A tandoori in Ned Kelly town - Beechworth
National Gallery of Oz
Gold of the Incas exhibition
Our accommodation - with West Gate Bridge out the port hole
"The Termi"  - Gippsland Lakes - Railway Terminus Hotel - Bairnsdale
Other end of my favourite Railway Station (Flinders St)
Story book sand sculptures - Frankston - they use brickie's sand and spray the finished item to hold in place - this time 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'

Gippsland Lakes - Newlands Arm

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