Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dear New Zealanders

Here is my sketch story to your beautiful beautiful country. Oh my, do I miss it!
My husband and I did an extensive honeymoon trip to New Zealand in December 2012 and we absolutely loved it - still dreaming about it. He is a writer from Seattle and I am an illustrator from Germany, so most of the time we enjoyed sitting in your cafes, sipping your flat whites and enjoying some awesome breakfast creations.

I was searching for new book ideas and found the theme "window" very appealing, so I did a lot of sketches out of your windows...

left: in Rotorua // right: in Napier
left: look out of our favourite beer bar in Auckland // right Napier again

fire station cafe in Auckland

We absolutely loved your country, feel every time home sick, if I think about this trip. Are you lucky to live there or what? :)

If your further more interest in our New Zealand experiences, both in writing (my husband is a funny writer) and sketching - that here was our little travel blog:, the best sketches of our trip here:

We hope to come back soon!


  1. Nice post Antje - I recognise some of these places instantly! The Ponsonby fire station and the Ujazzi (I think) cafe in Tennyson Street in Napier and the way you've framed them through windows. Would love to see some more...

  2. Danke Antje for the windows on our country. It is 'neat' to have the visiting variety and detail on our blog - Cheers

  3. Amazing drawing I love the subject.

  4. Very nicely done. and your blog is awesome too!

  5. Lovely drawings. I like the window theme. I was in Napier last weekend and saw the Degas sign and thought it looked familiar, but I wasn't sure why. Until now when I looked at your drawings again.