Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lepperton Ride-On Lawnmower Race Day

So we went to a country school gala day to draw. To those not in New Zealand, this is a school fair that is a fundraiser. The classic raffles, food, bouncy castles, and skill games are all there. But Lepperton turned this one up to eleven and had the 2nd annual Ride-On Lawnmower Grand Prix. It really is what you expect and what it sounds like. You can modify your tiny tractor to some degree but the engine has to be legit. Then they set up a race track in the sports field and say goodbye to the lawn.
Maybe it's a little bit bogan (which is a downunder redneck) but it's all good fun and raised thousands of dollars for this small rural school. It was really sunny and hot so I took some video so I could document this but not have to sit in the sun. I went to sit in the shade and did a drawing of the little kids quad bikes. This is where kids paid a few bucks to race around a circle of hay bales and tires on throttled-down mini quad bikes while wearing oversized helmets. Half of them loved it and the other half seemed terrified. They certainly weren't as fast as the real racers on the day but maybe one of these kids will get a chance to compete in the big leagues in a future gala day.


  1. Replies
    1. I have to admit that when I first heard that we were going to sketch this, I was sceptical (awesome-wise and good-drawing-subject-wise). It turned out that it was way better than expected. It's just so crazy that it becomes pretty cool.

  2. Compliments on your sketching style - I love the way you have honed in on some details and left others sketchy.

    1. Thanks for that. I also try to add depth. To bring stuff forward and push other stuff back. I love having so much detail in my drawings that they get too confusing to look at if I don't do anything like that. I also put heavy lines on stuff that is closer to the viewer.

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