Saturday, April 19, 2014

Speedsters and Glass Houses

The 2013 Studebaker meet was held in New Plymouth this Easter, some 60 of these monsters roamed the town.  I was fortunate enough to go for a drive in an Avanti - a car with no teeth, but boy could it go with its 5L engine.
This 1951 Studebaker Champion has the trimline name of Starlite Coupe owing to its fascinating 180 degree glasshouse rear window.  It also sports a bomber nosed grill


1955 Studebaker President Speedster - only a couple of thousand of these were made that year.  South Bend is at the top of the boot of Indiana (we once lived in Indiana - home of the Hoosiers)

A prior weeks expedition to the Vicarage, a tiny old stone building now housing potters, pottering.


  1. I almost drew a '57 President this weekend myself - while wandering around Turners auction yard in Napier. The '57 doesn't quite have the rakish good looks of the earlier years, but still an interesting piece of sculpture on 4 wheels!

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