Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hannah Playhouse

The Hannah Playhouse is an iconic Wellington theatre built in the early 70's in the Brutalist style.  It is one of my favourite Wellington buildings.

It was designed and built to be the home of the Downstage Theatre Company and remained so until late last year when, sadly, the company closed due to financial problems.  Downstage operated for 49 years and was New Zealand's oldest theatre company.  The building has been taken over by Wellington Museums Trust and will continue to be used as a performance venue.

It's on the corner of Cambridge Terrace and Courtney Place, perfectly situated to be viewed (and drawn) from the outside tables at Deluxe Cafe.


  1. Nice one Mr Black, I like how the traffic lights frame the image.

  2. Have been here many times when the Downstage theare was in residence.