Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lyttelton Saturdays

Lyttelton has a busy harbour with huge boats, steep streets with heritage houses and awesome views over the water, great cafés and a dynamic community, plus, on Saturdays, there is a farmers market.
One couldn't ask for more, this is a perfect spot for sketching.
From the last two sunny Saturdays, my "I want to draw it all" attempt (on top) and Mário's drawing showing the opposite view of his last Lyttelton market sketch.
As we've moved to the peninsula and live within a 20 minute walk from Lyttelton I suspect that we will probably end up with something like a 360º view of the place... now that I think about that, it would be really nice (but insane) to have a sketch version of google street view wouldn't it?


  1. so full of boats, so full of people, so full of life!

  2. You guys are doing an excellent job of capturing Lyttelton, looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Really really nice work, well done