Sunday, July 13, 2014

Grey Lynn's 'Little free libraries'

Well this is a interesting new addition to Grey Lynn – these Little libraries as they are apparently called in the US are appearing. There are three that I'm aware of so far, this one on Sackville Street and below on Richmond Road - apparently there is one on Vermont Street as well.

They're free for anyone to use, so why don't you 'take one out - and put one in' as the note on the glass says?


  1. We have one of these in a fridge here in Christchurch as one of the Gap Filler projects.

    1. I also thought of the fridge library, with the couch and the banners, as a good "future sketch" location.

  2. Thanks for your comments guys. I just checked out the fridge on the Gap Filler website - I like it - looking forward to seeing your sketch Liliana!