Tuesday, August 19, 2014

44th World Wide Sketch Crawl

The recent WW Sketch Crawl dawned wet for us, so drove us into Ozone Coffee Roasters, an excellent industrial looking café, attached to the actual roaster area itself.

Large tables ideal for sketching on.  A little girl proudly came up and shared her drawings.  Get them while they are young!

 Well patronised, several in oilskins

  In the afternoon three of us tried car sketching - but was difficult with the occasional wiper sweeps and running the demister.  We knew our time was up when the meter-man moved us on.


  1. Being from Portugal, I came to realize with admiration, "rain" is never an excuse in New Zealand! (I now want buy an oilskin to match my gumboots, I will feel invincible with those on)
    It's great to see your meetings and workshops, New Plymouth has such an active sketching community!
    Down here, we are still a bit of "lone sketchers" but we plan to do something about it.

  2. Ha, obrigado Liliana, For five years our team has ventured out on Saturdays, only a handful we have missed. Somehow it provides the momentum. Admittedly wet days 'stop play', so after five years finding fresh indoor venues is harder. We have even tried 'Umbrella Sketching'. Also 'Ladder sketching', 'Binocular sketching', 'Traffic Island sketching', even 'Lying down on traffic island sketching' do draw the clock tower. So there are other ways to find new vistas :-) Down there you could try 'Frost Sketching' - I studied in Chch so know it well. Cheers