Friday, December 5, 2014


Each weekend we are out and about sketching anything that moves, or doesn't move.
Mike and partner were up from Wanganui for a days excursion. 
He tells me the sketch is now with his bike memorabilia in his man-cave
One of our sketchers was delighted to draw this former Kaponga church as he had grown up next door to it.  It had been relocated to New Plymouth and is  now used for weddings.  All the flowers throughout the extensive garden were white.  The owner claims it is an expensive garden ornament.
This is Denise at the stone-carving club - carving a seat. She also paints. Diamond grinders are needed on this tough Taranaki Andesite
This rough rendering was of the wild chooks that fend for themselves under the stone-carvers hut.
The rooster was rich with colours once you started looking
One of our sketchers, Alan, had his magnificent garden in the Taranaki Garden Spectacular, so invited us too.  This was a very lush fuchsia.
A pile of hei tikis at the Puke Ariki museum.  The white one was made of pumice, presumed to be apprentice work.

I've slipped one of my non-age-narian mum's sketches.  She was with me in the museum.

Tomorrow we are all down at the Lee Breakwater.  Cheers


  1. What wonderful sketches, and I loved the rooster's colours.

  2. Many thanks Lorraine, I had to walk around following them pad in hand, seeing they were semi wild. Once you study any bird it is surprising what colours are there. A tui or wood pigeon are prime examples.