Saturday, January 3, 2015

Te Henui

A visit to the dead centre of New Plymouth - Te Henui Cemetery.  A pleasantly quiet place to find angels.

I crept over to the nearby earthworks - for the controversial widening of the Te Henui bridge.  Te Henui being a large stream flowing through New Plymouth sourced from the mountain.
The two main bridges into the city are finally being widened to free up the creeping traffic at busy times.

The previous week we sketched by the Lee Breakwater.  This cafe being Manous - an eclectic collection of nautical gear, run by a friendly Iranian.  If you squint you can see him standing in the doorway in his distinctive white hat.


  1. The dead centre of New Plymouth - I like it. Happy New Year Scott!

  2. It's always interesting to see what is happening in other parts of NZ. I smiled when I read that the bridge is being widened over the Te Henui stream. My husband was from the North Island and when I showed him the Avon River he was astonished and said, "That's not a river, it's a creek!"