Monday, March 23, 2015

"excuses" or why aren´t there any veggies in my fridge


Last Saturday we meet up with Robert, a fellow sketcher living near by, we were talking about our sketching habits and I told him:  "I only re-started to sketch since I arrived to New Zealand 2 years ago. When Eva was born, I assumed the role of playing with her while Mario was sketching, but then I used that excuse for the next 6 years" at this stage Mario asked me "so lets go sketch?" and I quickly replied "you both go, I have to buy some veggies in the market"... 

"Excuses... " whispered Mário


  1. It's good to see you pick it up again. I love your drawing style.

  2. thanks Brian, being part of Urban Sketchers NZ is a great incentive! I've always used black pen (after having the same "blurry problem" with pencil you talk about in your profile) and now I want to find a way to use colour without "colouring" my black and white sketches. I'm not there yet and this time I ended up using the black pen over the colourful drawing :)