Thursday, April 30, 2015

Beers, Boots, Barbers and Books in Wellington

I like to live in Christchurch and I'm proud of the achievements "my town" has made so far, but before our Easter weekend in Wellington I didn't quite realise how much I missed "normal city life". I just wanted to wander through the streets and have a sense of continuity... and that was what we chose to do, we spent time in cool cafes, found portuguese shoes in fancy shops, Mario decided he would have his hair cut in a proper barbershop (were I used the waiting time for a quick sketch) and we entered in all the bookshops we could find (including Arty Bees were I went trough the pages of the sketch book "NZ corner shops" that I guess is also from Don Donovan). I love my town, but until it is fully up and running, I guess we will be returning the Wellington from time to time.

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