Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hamburg, Germany

In mid-January I was invited to participate in an exhibition about pop-up books at the Museum der Arbeit Hamburg (Museum of Labour). I had been chosen to showcase an older work of mine, a pop-up book I did during university. 
Anyway, I seized the opportunity and went on a winter weekend short trip to Hamburg. I've only been there once before, so I was pretty curious. I booked a room in a hostel, went to the exhibition and walked around St. Pauli, the most famous neighborhood. Of course I also visited the impressive harbor but it was just too cold to draw outside. Next time I will!

The "Generator" hostel close to the train station. I had to share a room with 5 others but didn't actually 
get to see them...

This is a sketch I did in the Museum's courtyard. They show a very colourful antique excavator on display outside. 
The original name is Menck Seilbagger from 1937. It's bright blue & red!

I spent the evening sipping coffee at the "Early Bird Coffee House" in St. Pauli. Their mascot is a quirky skull
with the slogan "You may sleep when you're dead but before that you drink coffee". I loved the pretty columns 
right in the middle of the room and the high patterned ceilings!

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  1. Nice one Theresa, Thank you for a glimpse of Hamburg!