Sunday, May 10, 2015

Saturday Morning Fruit and Vege Shopping

On Saturday mornings I like to go to the weekly fruit and vegetable market in the Newtown Primary School grounds, not far from my house.  Market gardeners from the region set up and sell their produce.  There is also street food, baking and clothes stalls but it's mainly fruit and vege.  I prefer to get my fruit and vege there rather than the supermarket as the produce is fresher, and cheaper too.

On a sunny day it's very pleasant, people shopping, chatting and eating, and buskers busking.  It's a great place to sketch, there are lots of people and places to sit and observe.  Yesterday another keen sketcher/painter Helen stopped and introduced herself which was nice.


  1. Nice one. I like that the fruit and veg is coloured, and the customers are not!