Monday, June 15, 2015

Mixed bag

 Whilst the others tried sketching the reflections in the wavy stainless steel cladding of the newly constructed Len Lye gallery, I drew the facade of a nearby well-patronised gallery - Kina
St Andrews kindly especially opened their doors for us sketchers to draw within

A cool, crisp winters day - Ngamoto mission house and church at Moturoa.  If you look hard you can see one of our sketchers in the alcove drawing the stainglass window through a window!

My mum drew me.  We are a dedicated lot

Windy Point hill, where I was interviewed about sketching at Access Radio. 
Five minutes in, I had second thoughts about what I'd tackled - who would design a thing like this! 

Brian secretly took a photo of me sketching the radio mast.
The hill had the best panoramic view in town, right within the sub-urban city - a little known secret.

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  1. A mixed bag of all-sorts! Good stuff, it tells a larger story about your day out.