Saturday, July 18, 2015

Maori & Mini Me

The end of a wet week, so indoors - at Puke Ariki museum.  Northern Taranaki Te Atiawa style 1800's prow figurehead.

Previous week surprising sunshine
The first minis were produced in 1959 by the British Motor Corporation as the Morris Mini-Minor, then morphed through Leyland, Rover, British Aerospace till 1994 when BMW took them over.  The new generation began a year before this one was produced.  They were the British contemporary of the Beetle.


  1. Hi Scott, nice to see your sketches with the towbow pens (I have several and still don't know how to use them properly). I also saw the book you wrote and I went through the preview which I found very educator. I'm Patricia from Canary Islands (Spain). We met at USK-Singapore (you liked my bag!). Just to say Hi. Hope to see you all again in a next symposium... Manchester is more handy for me, but I 'm sure it's a good excuse to travel to Europe!

    1. Patricia, thanks, indeed yours was a most wonderful and colourful bag.
      Manchester is a long way for us, but I'm sure we will get to another symposium some time. Keep sketching, Cheers S