Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Windows to heaven

 Our little group has been asked to provide sketches of St Andrews church as part of the upcoming Fringe Festival.  Some will be on overhead projections.  This 'Fishers of Men' window had exquisite paua-like blues at the top and bottom.  The metal rods had just been added to prevent them blowing in during high winds.
The West Doors

Peeping out the entrance of St Andrew I captured the spotter of recalcitrant cellphone talking drivers -being radioed ahead to the flagger down.

This inflatable air concept began in 1992 in Nottingham.with 'EGGOPOLIS" - like a series of coloured eggs, and expanded to EXXOPOLIS in 2012 when 'Architects of Air' began the first luminarium. The cuppola on the right was inspired by the Chapter House of Southwell Minster featuring perpendicular windows with a stain glassed effect.
The New Plymouth site for the feature was nestled in a corner of Pukekura Park as part of The Taranaki Arts Festival. Families were streaming through.

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