Friday, November 20, 2015


Jordan is well worth visiting. Much of it dry and bony, but friendly people, huge history, and again complexities in this part of the world.

Petra is indeed impressive irrespective of the tourists - especially the first sight of the Treasury through the canyon crack.

We met up with the kiwi lady from Appleby, Marguerite van Geldermelsen of "I married a Bedouin" fame.  She had a small stall at Petra selling bedouin work.  She used to live in the nearby caves.

In the top left (below) I drew the guy leading my horse. "Horse Sketching".  However when I tried sketching on my camel I was defeated.  They are not called the ships of the desert for nothing.  What a sway. So I can't add "Camel Sketching" to my CV
Shrak - Bedouin bread making.

Border crossing.  Note the Hashemite kingdom's family tree above the passport queues

 Cross cultural language!


  1. Excellent travelogue!
    Did you hum the Indian Jones theme music?!

  2. Thanks Eric, indeed they told us as we arrived on the bus they had a message from a visitor and then played the theme tune, so it was in our heads.