Saturday, December 26, 2015

Pot Pouri

Each of this batch represents different weekend's expedition:

Forty years ago these Motonui Epa (back panels of a storehouse) found in a swamp were spirited out of the country to a Bolivian collector for USD65.000.  The government bought them back for 4.5 million this year, and they were returned to Taranaki.  Distinctively our style with serpentine bodies, the pointed heads and pu-werewere (spider web) decoration.

A challenge to draw as the display was slowly rotating, so we had much exercise over the hour's drawing.

1957 Vauxhall Velox wagon at the Aussie Car Muster - not exactly a 'Muscle Car' as billed on the advertising but still very much admired by passers by.

Westown School is a co-ed primary built in 1925, and probably the most brightly painted school in New Zealand.  Interestingly one of our sketchers walked through the portals of this school in an earlier life, and was excited at the prospect of recording a piece of his history.
Even the motto was branded on his forehead still, 'seek truth and do right'!

The 70ft span bridge was built in 1884, from the winnings of a horse race, where the winning horse was called 'The Poet'.  It was rebuilt in 1938.  The colour is based on the red lacquer of the Japanese Shinkyo bridge in Nikko.

Tragically the donor was drowned under the bridge 7 years later.

It is in located in the heart of Pukekura Park, which in turn is in the heart of New Plymouth City.

The suspended balls are in preparation for the annual Festival of Lights held each summer.  The place is heaving with tourists each night.

Just south of Hamilton at Ohaupu a former farmer has created a tree church.  Growth is trained over framing to create this intriguing spot.

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