Friday, May 6, 2016

Aro Street

Two of my sketches from last Saturday's sketchcrawl in Aro Street, Wellington.  It was great to meet new people who like to draw.  We started at Garage Project Brewery and finished at Aro Cafe for coffee and to warm up, it was a sunny day but cold.  Thanks for coming.

Beer brewing in large stainless steel tanks a Garage Project Brewery.  The brewery is located in what was a disused petrol station.  There is a cellar door shop attached were you can sample and buy beer to take away.  Garage Project have recently open their Taproom, a very nice little bar located about 100 metres up the road.  I particularly like their Garagista IPA.

The iconic Aro Video Store.  It almost closed down in February due to dwindling business but the locals rallied together in support and have saved it for now.  According to an article I read on it is "widely regarded as one of the best video shops in New Zealand" and has a collection of 22,000 titles.