Sunday, June 26, 2016

Harbour Board Offices

Mr Black organised a great sketchcrawl on Saturday, in and around Wellington Museum. The weather was a bit rubbish so most headed "in", but not me - I'm tough so I braved the "around" and numbed my fingers drawing the Wellington Harbour Board Wharf Office Building next door. It was designed by Frederick de Jersey Clere in 1892, who later designed the Church of St Mary of the Angels.

Once I had finished, and guessed the colour of Dave's trousers incorrectly, I chickened out and took shelter indoors.I guess I'm not that tough.


  1. Nice one James, great that you finally made it to the blog!

  2. Like your sketch, and sky. I was wondering how the crawl went.

  3. Great to see this up on the blog. I like it.