Thursday, June 16, 2016

Judges Bay, Parnell

This one took a few days to finish. I only had half an hour that first day with the Big Draw group, so needed to come back and fill in some blanks. Luckily the sun was out again so I could catch the warm early morning light casting shadows across the headstones. There's a lot of detail to try to fit in looking across Judges Bay, over Tamaki Drive to the busy port and the North Shore across the harbour.

I did this super quick sketch of the port from the carpark on Gladstone Road on my way home. The port is so close at this point you can get a really good look at the action.

The Fergusson Container Terminal was flat out loading containers onto several vessels while a tug towing something oversized ambles past in the background.

I think Auckland's waterfront would lose a lot of it's charm and interest if we got rid of the port.


  1. Like this sketch of the dock. Waterfront would def lose character if gone.

  2. looks amazing Murray, nice choose of the view.