Thursday, August 4, 2016

Athfield Classic?

I think so. I've always liked George Porter Tower. I've drawn it twice now. This is my first attempt which I like best.

The building is part of Arlington Apartments council flats in Mount Cook. It was designed by the late Sir Ian Athfield and built in the 1970's.

Arlington Apartments consist of this tower and many low rise flats on either side of it. Wellington City Council are upgrading the site. Many of the low rise flats, which were no longer fit for purpose, have been demolished to make way for new modular townhouses. The Council are considering options for George Porter Towers. I hope it will not be demolished.

George Porter was a well respected Wellington architect and town-planner.


  1. Nice one. Such a great bldg to sketch! Athfield's architecture is questionable certainly.

  2. Love it, I'm not familar with that particular building but it definitely has that Athfield look about it!