Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Paeroa classics

Every time I pass through Paeroa I spot a bunch of funky old cars but never have time to stop. Finally a few weeks back I had the chance to stop and have a crack. 

They range from the 'mint as' 1946 Mercury that appears in the service station window (with a bunch more I need to sketch one day). To the crusty DS Citroen and Borgward Isabella parked together with an equally rustic looking airstream style caravan in a back street.

Man they went overboard with chrome on the Mercurys didn't they — I didn't realise until I tried to draw them all! I guess they were trying to distinguish it as more upmarket product from a regular Ford. Quite a contrast between the shiny glistening Mercury and the rusty, crusty matt finish of the Borgward and Citroen but both fun to draw.


  1. I really love you car drawings Murray. I sketched a few cars at Southwards some time ago but never finished them. You have inspired me to finish them.

  2. You've mastered that chrome work Murray. Love the colours you've used to achieve it.

  3. Thanks guys. Let's meet at Southwards and draw cars eh?

  4. you got love them to draw it this way!