Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summer in Winter

Its been a while since our last post but this one has plenty of sketches so it feels like a redemption. We just came back from Portugal where we spend our summer holidays with family and friends, the weather was amazing, sea water was warm and we had time to sketch, which always increases the holiday feeling.

Trafal beach, it was 1:00 pm everyone had an umbrella except us, while I doing this sketch I got sun burn on my back that came with me to Christchurch cold weather, having a sun burn in winter time was a new experience. Still on the shading subject, I liked the fabrics used to create shade along the old town of  Loulé, they made me want to sketch them, it really works to cool down the temperature.

Friends from New Zealand, a Polish-American couple, invited us to go to Poland for their weeding so we had the chance to spend 4 days in Gdansk, a city completely destroyed after the second world war and beautifully rebuilt in a short period. We were both sitting on the coffee table sketching I was looking one way she was looking the opposite way. Mine is on top Liliana´s is below.  


City center of Lagos above and Aljezur bridge view below.

The joy of drawing together again, this time in Loulé seating on the shade of the big trees at the main avenue.

This one is on the Amoreira beach where the Aljezur River meets the sea, this drawing is similar to one from our last "southern hemisphere summer holidays" in Australia. That coincidence is probably a consequence of Liliana's love for both books and estuaries.


  1. Awesome sketches Liliana and Mário, great you got to escape the cold for a while and let your sketching run wild for a while!

  2. Epic bro... keep up the good work!