Saturday, September 3, 2016

Pot Pouri

Tropical look at Pukekura Park, right in the heart of New Plymouth.  Whilst the others sketched in the warmth of the Fernery greenhouses a couple of us sat on the lawn with the wind roaring overhead in the trees, with the sun on our backs.

The 1843 volcanic andesite Vicarage houses the potters sales shop, with the potters pottering out the back.  A welcome sign hinting not to linger longer as it is an earthquake risk was well outweighed by the warmth of welcome by the potters.

Peering through the fence at Port Taranaki at all the boats parked up in various states of repair.

An indoor day at the museum.  Tuatara means peaks on back in Maori. They can grow up to 0.8m long and have a pronounced photoreceptive eye - the so-called third eye.  Uniquely they have two sets of upper teeth overlapping one set of lower. Typically they live to 60 but can reach 100!
Vintage Industries/ Vintage Lighting - originally only an online biz has now opened in New Plymouth. If you wish to buy old refurbished industrial warehouse lighting,  Japanese searchlights, Parisian pews, Dutch school desks or just Red the stuffed stag, you have come to the right place.  Decor - distressed industrial look.

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