Wednesday, November 16, 2016


The suburb on the hill just south of the CBD of Wellington was the site of our last SketchCrawl. Here's the house on the corner of Cleveland and Jefferson Streets. It appears to be built in the 1910s, after the electric tram was installed - it's not on this 1908 photo. Here is a present day photo from the same spot, the house is in the center of the shot.
Many of the streets are, for reasons I am unable to find, named after Presidents of the United States. Grover Cleveland was president from 1885-1889 and Thomas Jefferson from 1801-1809. Nearby, Harrison, Garfield, Lincoln, McKinley, Taft, Coolidge and Washington all lend their names to streets. Aside from the name of the suburb, another New York connection is the presence of another Central Park, which is neither as large nor as flat as Central Park, New York. From 1942-1944 Central Park, Wellington was home to US troops.

Around the corner on Ohiro Road I drew this double bay villa, which is probably built in the 1900s. My sister used to live in the flat across the road and, having spotted this villa from her window, I have wanted to draw it for a couple of years.
It was a great SketchCrawl on a beautiful day. I'm looking forward to the next one this weekend.

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