Saturday, May 26, 2018

Texas & Michigan

The Dinky Drum Co entertaining the Houston Museum of Fine Art patrons outdoors - 35C

Items in the Houston Museum of Fine arts.  The mayor of Grenoble commissioned a bronze of Napoleon (because his second entry to France from Corsica came up through there).  However he changed his mind so much, this Marquette is all that is left, bought by a French officer who carried it in a special box from garrison to garrison.

Henry Ford museum of Innovation - Detroit.  The German Dr just shipped his $34,000 Italian beauty to China before Hitler took over, then just shipped it out to Canada before the Japanese entered China...

Weird cross between a traction engine and a train.  Who knows what goes on at night in the museum.  There were many trains in there.


  1. Sketching somewhere warm right now would be great - especially with such interesting subjects as this

  2. Indeed Murray, I was sweltering in the heat, but loved it, especially with the beat of the band at the same time.