Friday, May 31, 2013

Clock Tower

Today I had a shot at yet another angle of our reincarnated New Plymouth clock tower.  Originally part of our 1907 Post Office, the face and mechanism was salvaged in 1969 and resurrected in 1986. During the Rugby World Cup it was lit in psychedelic colours.

This one I drew when it was decorated in its retro colours.  The infamous White Hart hotel - of highwayman fame nearby.

Here I lay down on the traffic island for a foreshortened peek - to the curiosity of passing motorists.


  1. Nice series Scott, especially that bottom one. DId you really lie down to draw it? That's some serious sketcher dedication!

  2. Thanks Murray, indeed I did, I lay on my back, pad in the air. A fellow sketcher came by in his car, leaned out and asked if I was homeless.

  3. Ha! Traffic island recline!