Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mistletoe Bay in the Queen Charlotte Sound

This year my extended family went to Mistletoe Bay in the Queen Charlotte Sound for our two yearly Christmas holiday get together.  I hadn't been there for years.  When I was a child I went there several times for Cub camps.  Back then there was only the old farm house, which the adults stayed in and a bunk house, which all the cubs stayed in.  The old house has gone now and there is a very nice camping ground and several cabins.  It is a beautiful place. 

 The bay at low tide and the busy jetty - popular for swimming and spotting sting rays, there are plenty.

  Reading in the sun

 Fishing off the jetty

 After Mistletoe Bay we walked a small section of the Queen Charlotte Track, from Furneaux Lodge to Punga Cove, staying a night at each place.

 On the ferry back to Wellington.  It was very windy in Cook Strait that day.


  1. Nice! Looks like the ideal summer destination, love the windy hair Cook Strait sketch too.

  2. I also notices the wind blowing in the hair :)
    quite cool sketches.