Monday, February 2, 2015

Summer fun in wide screen

I've enjoyed hitting the beach and pool so far over the summer and taken along the wide A4 sketchbook. I love this format but it doesn't work well on screen. Luckily the French sketcher Lapin sent me some code to add these slidey windows below so you can see them in closer detail. The top one is Cheltenham Beach on New Years Day which was pumping with sketchable action with kids (of all ages) jumping off the floating platform, America's Cup yachts zooming past, paddle boarders and swimmers.


Then a few weeks later down to the Hawke's Bay for a couple of days. The kids have been at us to take them to Splash Planet again. It's been quite a few years since they were there and the weather was so nice we caved in. It's a crazy place, a bit like a Disney Land for water slides and how I imagine the Gold Coast water parks must be. This is the 'Lazy River' below where a continuous stream of people mostly grinning from ear to ear float past propelled by the current.

Splash Planet, Hastings


  1. I adore this action drawings there is so much things going on, it reminds me the Kusturica's movies.
    the slidey window really worth it to sneak in the faces, this drawings definitely brought sounds to my mind.

  2. These are great Murray. So much detail and colour. I really like the wide landscape format too.

  3. Lots to look at and you know how I love detail. Everyone's doing their own thing and it's cool to check everything out in Widescreen Blog-O-Vision.

  4. I love them, I can easily imagine these as puzzles "I have a dog's ear and part of a boat"

  5. Thanks guys. I'm not familiar with Kusturica's movies - I will check it out!

  6. Hi Murray. Great sketches. Love the colour, the composition and all the action. Beautifully observed and executed. Love the 'slidey windows' thing too. Best, Tony