Friday, June 7, 2013

Around Paritutu Rock

In a keen wind, I jammed my nose up against the wire fence of a Paritutu scrap metal yard to capture this grappling machine.  I was taken with the beauty of the grapple, almost anchor-like.  One wheel had been punctured - a regular hazard of the work I'm guessing.  I used my Hero M86 ski-jump nib fountain pen I especially sought out from the Wen Hua store in Fuzhou Road (Book Street) in Shanghai - an excellent pen shop.  Many people think I dropped it accidentally point down.  The company was founded in 1931 as the Huafu Pen Company then nationalised in 1966 by the communist government to become the Shanghai Hero Pen Company, producing in the original Parker Pen factory.  It is a favourite of the Singapore sketchers.

Review and pics here They all favour Noodlers Bulletproof, but I'm just using the original Chinese 'Doctor' brand.

The wind was so nippy I went across the road and sat in my car and sketched a quickie of the Rangimarie Maori Arts and Crafts Centre, right beside the andesite stone carving club (which I've happily attended).  Paritutu rock in the background.  I was trying (not very successfully) my Pentel Pocket Brush pen, a cartoonists tool.  Urban Sketcher Rolf Schroeter put me onto it.
Review here:


  1. Great grappling machine, I love the colours.

  2. Nice, big machines make great subjects.
    Now, how can I get one of those Hero 860 ski-jumps?!

  3. There's a nice Hero article by Don Low on the here in the BCN magazine...
    and on his blog...