Friday, June 21, 2013

Farmers Market

A crystal clear winter's day.  The mountain standing out glistening white.  It was very pleasant in the sun.  All bodes well for the All Blacks France Rugby game tonight whoever wins.  25000 tickets sold out.  French supporters wandering the streets in their red white and blue - many from Toulouse.  New Zealand has won two out of the three matches to date so Les Bleus have nothing to loose.

I tried to persuade two exceptionally decorated French fans to model for us, but they thought it would take too long. Instead I settled on the buzzing Farmers Market in the Huatoki Plaza, by the stream of the same name.   Camera-shy Kathy in flax hat was selling ketes (woven flax baskets) of all sizes and colours.  However she was happy to have a copy of the sketch emailed.

I tried the splatter effect on the page prior to leaving home, but I think it needs to be a stronger colour so it doesn't look like I'm using a mildewy page.  Anyway it was interesting to experiment.

A group of our spouses who walk whilst we sketch, took the Coastal walkway down to Ngamotu Beach and encountered a seal lying on a wooden seat by the walkway, sunning himself after a long spell battling rough seas.

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  1. Nice one Scott, must have been great atmosphere in town, possibly better than the game which was a bit of a fizzer wasn't it. Look forward to seeing more of your splatter experiments!