Sunday, January 25, 2015

3 sketches for Mum

Shortly before our September holidays in Portugal, my mum asked for a special gift from New Zealand "I want 3 sketches of Lyttelton" she said. The problem is I often postpone drawing and the date was coming and I had none, so I decided that I would draw "by photo", she certainly wouldn't care if I was there on the spot or not. After spending 2 nights in front of the computer staring at photos I gave up and the next afternoon while waiting to pick Eva from school I drew the house across the road, then we headed back to the center and I made a sketch of the "old books store" with Eva by my side eating a warm scoop of chips and just before Mario arrived from work to pick us I to manage fight dusk and cold hands and drew a small cottage in Dublin street. The next morning we were on the plane. I should have learned by now that the "easy way" will never be my way.


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  2. They came out beautifully Lilliana. Your mother will have been delighted with them.

  3. Nice sketches! I know exactly what you mean Lilliana - for some reason being there drawing helps to bring the subject to life.