Monday, August 3, 2015

USK Singapore 2015

A great time was had by all!
Great to meet and interact with so many talented and like-minded artists from round the world.

Prior to symposium I was traveling through Malaysia for 3 weeks, and post symposium I stayed for a few more days as well - other sketches captured here:

Sketch walk on Purvis Street, looking towards the National Library

Learning to 'capture the chaos' with tutor Suhita

Inma and Miguel's technique of 'spiral drawing- start in the centre and draw outwards

Narrative of your location with tutors Inma and Miguel

Tutor Lapin showing us how to elongate your lens and  to capture a 180 degree picture

Murray in action

Bynd Artisan workshop - hand stitched our own Italian leather

St Joseph's - I think everyone drew this church next door?!

Final sketch walk - National Museum

Beavers Bar graffiti - I left behind a Dragon


  1. Sterling view of the National Library - certainly a great time

  2. That Lapin 180º sketching workshop was a mind twister wasn't it! Great sketches - and portrait - I like it.