Wednesday, November 11, 2015

timber, clay brick and awesome wedges

Last Saturday, Lyttelton farmers market was still going on and we sat in the small table by the window at Civil and Naval, a great place to see people pass by.
I love the lettering on the windows so I planed to draw the Market seen trough the glass, but the back of the stalls weren't that appealing so I joined Mario in sketching the interior of the Coffee Shop and Tapas Bar.
We were there for quite some time, drawing and chatting with friends, with our patient daughter by our side, never complaining about how long our sketches take.
To reward her for being so tolerant and cool we order some wedges (usually our last attempt to gain some time) and when they arrived, skin on, sprinkled with salt and golden perfect we found the greatest wedges in town!

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  1. Liliana, a clever use of markers (and colour :-) in a town of my ancestors. I invariably wash my markers which is more forgiving, but you are braver and make it work.