Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Waipu Weekend

We escaped Auckland for the Anniversary Weekend with a trip up to Waipu Cove. Pretty nice weather, hot as, with water temperature around 22 °C so we spent most of it in the surf.

The kids had a ball riding boogie boards and body surfing, burying themselves in sand etc, and I had a blast learning to catch waves on the paddleboard. It's exhausting work with lots of uncoordinated failed attempts (very funny to onlookers apparently), but pretty damn nice when you get it right and actually hook up on a swell!

My sketches were done laying exhausted on the beach while I recovered from the surf. I'm enjoying the Moleskine landscape watercolour book that we received from the Singapore Symposium sponsors, really nice to sketch in, but the textured watercolour paper seems to confuse my scanner - I think it prefers cheap smooth sketchbook pages.


  1. Great sketches, Murray! Looks like a wonderful way to spend the holiday.


  2. Thanks Tina! Good fun indeed, no back to work...

  3. One of your best posts Murray.
    Its visually very rich.