Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Walk to Work Wednesdays

In August, New Plymouth organised a promotion to get people to walk, cycle or take the bus to work during this winter month. You could apply for a card from several cafes, and, each of the five Wednesdays, get a coffee for a dollar. Since I bike to work pretty much every day, I signed up and figured I'd just carry on cycling... but then, I hurt my back. It took a few days just to stand up so I wasn't doing anything for quite a while. The irony is that during this campaign to get people out of their cars, I've haven't driven to work more all year.
I'm on the mend now as long as I take it easy. I caught the last two Wednesdays and came away with this sketch of the inside of a cafe called Joe's Garage.


  1. That is ironic, funny how things work out! Pleased to hear your back is improving though, maybe a good chance to take it easy and sketch more?? That cafe owner must be a Frank Zappa fan.

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