Tuesday, July 11, 2017

La la land & the land where everything is bigger

On the way

26 miles to Catalina Island - do you know the song?  Take the cat from Long Beach to Avalon

The casino - not a real one, but uses the real Italian meaning of 'gathering place'

Caltech graduation - our trip's purpose - hot, happy occasion - finally a hoodie after 9 yrs!

Pasadena Jet Propulsion Lab, near Caltech - Mars Curiosity rover - 1 tonne size of a car

Clean room - in bunny suits - assembling the 2020 successor to Curiosity - Curiosity on steroids. Many years ago in Florida, we'd seen the same meticulous scene assembling the International space station.

3hrs to Texas, just USD180 for your boots

Many wonderful museums

Galveston tall ship "Elissa" - volunteers tarring ropes with half a dozen oil drilling rigs in the background.

Galveston bar

Behind the scenes for 7 hrs at the Johnson Space Center

Mission Control

Apollo series Saturn V

Astronaut chrysalis - just out of the neutral buoyancy pool (whole replica of the Space Station underwater for practicing on)

Bat colony - at dusk quarter of a million bats go out to dine over the bayou....

Artcar musuem


  1. Hadn't seen your sketches in a while! Good to see you've been very busy! Congrats to your grad!

    - Tina

  2. Thanks Tina. A PhD in space engineering means we now look at everything to do with space. Perhaps we'll have friends in high places :-)