Sunday, September 3, 2017

From Sea to Shining Sea - Los Angeles

Over July/August this year I traveled through America, visiting four cities and staying about a week in each one

The main reason for the journey was to attend the 2017 Urban Sketchers Symposium in Chicago.
My Wife and I decided to make the most of our first time in the US, so added a longer itinerary.
In the end we visited Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.

In each city I connected with the local Urban Sketch group and joined them for a sketch session.
Overall, I had an amazing time. Each city is so unique and has it's own personality and character. There's so much to discover!

First Stop - Los Angeles

A day out at the Lotus Festival

Lotus Festival sketch

A day out at the Science Museum - Space Shuttle Endeavour

I joined the LA Sketchers at the Endeavour

When travelling you get to spend time in Laundromats

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