Saturday, September 23, 2017

Roulette 63824

Here's a set of three sketches of a fishing boat out of water getting some kind of work done on it. (In the August sketch, it's not the boat in front on the left.) I've done one per month so it's been there for a while now.


  1. Nice work Brian. I think boats out of water are more interesting than those in it!

  2. Yes I agree Murray, top quality drawings.

  3. Thanks. When I was doing these, I kept looking at how the name, Roulette, didn't line up with the numbers. There's maybe a reason for this and I was tempted to fix it as I drew them... but I decided to sketch it like it was though. In the last one, I only hinted at it. Just felt I couldn't put in the time to such lacklustre typography.